About Us

Kisan Academy is an online platform for learning and testing. It is developed for addressing the professional needs of agricultural graduates, farmers, entrepreneurs, farm workers and  stakeholders of the agricultural sector.

From our Founder

I wish all the students and interns to have a great alma mater in the form of Kisan Academy. The rich heritage and culture the academy provides to the students and interns enables them to be a better professionals of the agricultural sector. We need to treat these young buds very delicately which helps students and interns to develop both their IQ and EQ so as to prepare them for the future. The thirst of knowledge, education and skills needs to be ignited throughout their learning phase. I wish my students an exciting and thrilling educational voyage.

Kamal Jeet
Founder Kisan Academy

Our Mission

Our mission at Kisan Academy is to empower farmers and rural communities through comprehensive agricultural education, practical training, and innovative solutions. 

We are committed to uplifting farmers' livelihoods, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and fostering rural development. Through knowledge dissemination, skill development, and capacity building, we aim to equip farmers with the necessary tools and expertise to thrive in a rapidly changing agricultural landscape. 

We strive to be a trusted partner and a catalyst for positive change in the agricultural sector, advocating for farmers' welfare, encouraging technology adoption, and promoting environmental stewardship. At Kisan Academy, we are dedicated to building a resilient, prosperous, and inclusive agricultural community, with a focus on empowering women and youth and fostering community engagement. 

Our commitment to continuous learning, research, and extension services ensures that farmers have access to the latest advancements and best practices, driving sustainable growth and improved rural livelihoods.

Our Vision

The Kisan Academy aims to be a center of excellence in agricultural training, research, and innovation, providing farmers with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing agricultural landscape. Here are some key elements of the vision:

  1. Excellence in Education: The Kisan Academy envisions itself as a premier institution for agricultural education, offering a wide range of courses and training programs. These programs would be designed and delivered by experts in various agricultural domains, ensuring that farmers receive top-quality education.

  2. Holistic Agricultural Training: The academy would provide holistic training to farmers, covering various aspects of agriculture, including crop cultivation, livestock management, horticulture, agribusiness, sustainable practices, and agricultural technology adoption.

  3. Research and Innovation: The vision includes a strong focus on research and innovation in agriculture. The academy would conduct and promote research to develop new and improved agricultural techniques, technologies, and crop varieties that suit the local agro-climatic conditions.

  4. Demonstration Farms: The academy would establish demonstration farms to showcase best practices and cutting-edge technologies in action. Farmers would have the opportunity to visit these farms and learn from practical demonstrations.

  5. Agripreneurship Development: The academy's vision might extend beyond traditional farming methods to foster agripreneurship development. It would encourage farmers to become entrepreneurs by exploring value addition, agribusiness ventures, and market linkages.

  6. International Collaboration: The vision of the academy might involve collaboration with international agricultural institutions and organizations. This would facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technology, and best practices from around the world.

  7. Digital and E-Learning: The academy would leverage technology to offer digital and e-learning platforms, enabling farmers to access training modules, webinars, and resources remotely. This approach ensures greater outreach and accessibility.

  8. Farmers' Welfare: The vision of the academy would prioritize farmers' welfare and empowerment. It would advocate for their rights, provide guidance on accessing government schemes and subsidies, and promote social inclusion.

  9. Environmental Stewardship: The academy would place a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture. Farmers would be trained to adopt practices that conserve natural resources, minimize environmental impact, and contribute to climate change mitigation.

  10. Continuous Professional Development: The Farmers Training Academy would encourage continuous professional development for farmers. It would offer advanced courses, refresher training, and capacity-building programs to keep them updated with the latest agricultural trends.

  11. Community Engagement: The vision would include active community engagement programs where farmers can participate in knowledge-sharing forums, interact with experts, and collaborate with peers for collective growth.

Overall, the vision of Kisan Academy is to create a transformative learning environment that equips farmers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in agriculture, leading to improved livelihoods, sustainable agricultural practices, and a thriving rural economy.

Our Core Faculty

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